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Your Support to Consumer Protection

My Helpline (Consumer Information Center- Patan) is a public charitable trust, a non-political, non-government, not-for-profit organization. Without public charity and support, we wouldn’t have covered this long journey on which we had set out 37 years ago. Our basic strength lies in encouragement, support, and donations, besides modest grants from State and Central Governments. Every word of encouragement, every expression of support, every single rupee in donation from well-meaning individuals, foundations, institutions and trusts have gone into making CIC India’s largest consumer organization.


The new Guidelines for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for successful companies now include Consumer Education and Awareness as eligible activities. It was Consumer Information Center- Patan (CIC-P) ’s efforts which led to this change. We now hope that some business houses, medium and large firms will give us project grants under CSR so that society is well served by both of us. If you or some entrepreneur you know has to spend part of the profit for CSR activities, please consider or recommend CIC. We have ready projects which can be financed under CSR. We will be happy to meet and explore too.


Contributions to CIC from our well-wishers help us get consumer grievances resolved at consumer courts;

and the grievances of many others redressed through negotiations, mediation and arbitration out of court. Along with our present multifarious activities, we propose to extend our services to rural as well as other vulnerable consumers as well. Your support through Donations/CSR participation will help the cause of such consumers.


Every activity of ours costs us in terms of money, manpower, material, utility services and more. Rising costs have been adding further to our financial burden.


Help us help the Man in the Street, the Common Consumer. After all, we all are Consumers.

For Donors, we do have 80G income tax exemption.

Our bank details for direct credit are:

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Donate Generously
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