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How we do Health Protection

Health Protection is a term used to encompass a set of activities within the Public Health function. It involves:

  • We Protect to the safety and quality of food, water, air and the general environment for people

  • We organized Preventing the transmission of communicable diseases

  • We Managing outbreaks and the other incidents which threaten the public health.


The profile of Health Protection has increased significantly in recent years with issues such as immunization, food borne infections, pandemic flu, healthcare-associated infection and communicable diseases regularly being in the public eye. The quality of public protection from hazards demands a workforce, educated and trained to the highest standards.


In order to move towards a cohesive, integrated and progressive approach to District Consumer information Center-Patan has been working in Patan District  This work has included the development of a national strategy one part of which was the development and implementation of the Consumer health protection 



This initial stage was overseen by the District Consumer Information Center-Patan a multidisciplinary group bringing together the Health Protection community within Patan District. This strategy is currently being reviewed.

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