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About Us

Jagrut Grahak Mandal-Patan

Consumer information Center- Patan


Jagrut Grahak Mandal-Patan, set up in 1985, is a non-political, non-profit and non-government Consumer Information Center- Patanorganisation dedicated to the education and empowerment of consumers as well as promotion and protection of consumer interests through effective uses of education, research, the media, and law.


Beginning with a protest against a bus fare hike, Consumer Information Center- Patan (CIC-P) started handling complaints of ordinary consumers who could not take on the might of business. Consumer Information Center- Patan (CIC)has three major goals – to make consumers aware of their rights, to help them protect themselves and to make providers of goods and services accountable.


Its activities include, besides comparative testing of products, complaints handling, legal advice and litigation, consumer education and awareness programmes, library and information service, publication, advocacy, investor and environment protection.


Today, with 37 years of service to the consumer behind it, Consumer Information Center- Patan (CIC) looks forward with determination to doing far more in the future than it has already done.

Even though strong and clear laws exist in India to protect the consumer, investor, Health and investor.the actual plight of Indian people could be declared as completely dismal. Very few consumers are aware of their rights or understand their basic rights. Of the several laws that have been enacted to protect the rights of consumers in India, the most significant is the Consumer Protection Act, 1986. Under this law, everyone, including individuals, a Hindu undivided family, a firm, and a company can exercise their consumer rights for the goods and services purchased by them. It is important that, as consumers, we know at least our basic rights and about the courts and procedures that deal with the infringement of our rights.


Our Vision

A new India in which every People keeps thorough knowledge of his rights and their correct uses.


Our Mission

To organize, educate and make consumers aware of their rights, make best effort to stop unfair trade practices and solve consumer's problem/complains.


Main Objectives

  • To fight against corruption and to fight for consumer rights of people.

  • To fight against corruption among children, Women, farmers and other people of rural areas.

  • To advice the Government for making administrative reforms to make corruption free India.

  • To help the administration and concerned authorities to hold corrupt government employees under prevention of corruption Act and other relevant laws and rules.

  • To help the administration and the police to stop corruption in private sector also.

  • To check corruption on general public places done by the public servants.

  • To provide free legal aid to the needy by providing a panel of Advocates.

  • To give suggestions to government for making healthy atmosphere in prisons.

  • To organize seminars, fairs, Stage drama, dance etc.

  • To teach people about latest Laws and consumer laws.

  • To work jointly and severally in making India a corrupt free country.

  • The My Helpline will work as Non-political organization in different fields.

  • To improve status for various languages like Sanskrit, Hindi, Urdu, Telugu and other local languages by organizing seminars.

  • To honor the young journalists, Poets, Writers.

  • To work in the field of welfare of masses of people of India.

  • To work for the development of minority classes of the society.

  • To provide Government healthy solutions to remove corruption in India.

  • To protect the life and property of Senior citizens.

  • To fight against the Dowry systems.

  • To work against the exploitation of women & child.

  • To remove Public grievances.

  • To provide Scholarships to the needy students.

  • To create awareness among the farmers regarding the latest technology of farming.

  • To do correspondence with various departments on various matters of public grievances.

  • To create awareness about the general rules of public importance among the people.

  • To help in getting Justice to the General Masses.

  • In the present Scenario the my helpline will motivate the common people in various fields like state unity, state population, Law and Justice, Environment, Pollution, art and music, literature, human rights, health and family welfare etc.



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