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VMove (We Move) was conceived and initiated as a public movement by a scientist, "Dr. Kaumudi Joshipura", Professor at University of Puerto Rico and Harvard School of Public Health, and introduced in a TEDx talk on March 19, 2016. VMove promotes physical activity by inspiring creative individual and group movement, bringing play into routine work, household and public settings, thus changing norms to activate a move-friendly world. Healthy eating is also important, but beyond VMove's scope. Learn more about nutrition from Harvard's "The Nutrition Source."



Why VMove

Most of us do not get enough physical activity, spend many hours sitting, and feel restricted to move in public beyond current norms. Even 2-minute activity breaks from sitting, burns calories and has numerous health benefits. VMove helps take advantage of numerous opportunities to add movement in daily life and work. For people who do not exercise, starting with small activity breaks (try these free timers) could also help motivate and build up to an exercise routine.VMove can also increase face to face and other social interactions, be a way to get to know more people, and can be a lot of fun.



How VMove?

VMove is not a specific structured activity but promotes a range of activities from very light to vigorous activity to help meet or exceed the physical activity recommendations.


Move as and when you can. Move in a way that feels good. Move with the Jingle. Click here to download the Jingle.


Move creactively (a word and concept coined for the TEDx talk combining creative and active) using infinite variety of movements as possible within people’s imagination, comfort and logistics.


Hand signal: Using our hands to show “V” ”M” as a signal for VMove to initiate moving together crossing language barriers.


Logo: Posting logos as individuals and organizations to show our support for VMove and promote creactivity in our premises (as per trademark guidelines).


Individuals and organizations are encouraged to adopt VMove, and inspire others to VMove using the hand signal and logo. If you benefit from VMove, help others benefit by spreading the word and sharing your experiences. Share the VMove videos from our Youtube channel and facebook page so as to create a domino effect, exponentially motivating others to lead and spread the movement.


VMove is a free initiative welcoming everyone to join, support, share, expand, lead group initiatives, to foster a wide spread global movement. VMove is not a for-profit-organization, and should not be used for profit making ventures. VMove is expected to be further developed, expanded and spread globally by a large group of supporters, leaders and organizations who want to contribute time, expertise or resources to help further our mission. Every one is invited to join VMove and help activate move friendly world.

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