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Consumer Grievances

Consumer information Center-Patan takes up complaints from all over India mainly related to defective products and deficient services, including financial services, investor services, health care and Environment protection. The main objective of Complaints Department is to bring about a just and fair solution to the complaints.  It tries to settle them through mediation without court intervention.


On registration of the complaint, the details are stored in the computer through Complaints Handling System.  After entering the complaint details, the first letter (generated through the program) is sent to the Opposite party (or the principal Company), followed by telephone calls. The Opposite Party is asked to respond within 15 days.


If the Opposite Party does not reply within the given time frame, then the first reminder is sent after 15 days.  In appropriate cases, we invite both the parties to our organisation to discuss the matter across the table and try to find out an amicable solution.

If the mediation efforts fail, we resort to litigation.


Types of complaints that we assist

Consumer Protection Agencies Of Gujarat


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Complaint Registration


How to File Complaint

The complainant should first write to the opposite party and only if the complaint is not resolved satisfactorily within a reasonable time, should forward it to our organization along with all relevant documents and photocopies of bills/invoices etc. relevant to the facts and circumstances of the case.


Steps for drafting a complaint

  1. Complete address including contact number, E-mail; etc.of the complainant.

  2. Complete postal address of the opposite party, its registered and or corporate office addresses.

  3. Full details of the grievance and attach copies of all communication with the opposite party as also replies, received, if any.

  4. Please provide photocopies of all the relevant documents/bank/credit card statements in case of complaints relating to banking transactions and or credit card transactions.

  5. Please provide copies of bills/cash memos/guarantee/warranty papers/purchase invoice; etc.

  6. Please provide copies of insurance policies including details containing Terms and Conditions thereof.

  7. Brief about complaints clearly mentioning the stake involved.

You can call to register your complaint 1800-11-4000 or 14404
 Timing: All Days Except National Holidays (09:30 AM To 05:30 PM)


 SMS on this Number 8130009809. We will get back to you.


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Consumer Complaint / Grievances registering and  Redressal System

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