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Cheating by Tata Sky

We all know that Tata is a reliable brand and keeping in mind that I had subscribed Tata Sky DTH Service. Since last 20-25 days "Sony Mix" channel is not running under my subscription. Whenever I complain to Tata Sky they tell that they would send mechanic for a Service Charges of Rs. 170/-.

In my case all other subscribed channels except "Sony Mix" are running properly. Thus it is a technical problem of Tata Sky. Since this is technical problem of Tata Sky, Tata Sky must fix it free of cost.

However, for each and every problem, for visit of technician Tata Sky use to Charge Rs. 170/-. This is just unfair means of earning. And these charges sometimes are more than Subscription Charges. This is just due to monopolistic situation of DHT Service Providers. Hence Govt. must allow portability in DTH Service as early as possible.

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