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Now that Aadhar is not to be linked mandatorily to bank account what happens to all the harrassment people faced when their accounts were frozen for not linking aadhaar. 2 of my familys bank accounts are still defunct.

It is in banks interest to have many accounts is this status as they have more funds at their disposal this way.

I want to ask all in the circle, how do we go about ending this harrassment and get Govt to pass an order where these banks unfreeZe our accounts without Aadhaar kyc.

Below are some of the key issues raised by you in regards to food related eCommerce sites and apps.Kindly review the same and help identify solutions that must be implemented to make these apps more consumer friendly. We look forward to your inputs!

Food ordering apps and sites – Key Issues

1.The plastic packaging in which food is packed & delivered becomes carcinogenic and is harmful to health 2.The actual quantity is less then what they show in promotions 3.Many times, the discounts are not real and taxes and surcharges are applied to bump the price up 4.Inaccurate billing calculations have been found with multiple vendors 5.eCommerce sites and apps like Zomato, Swiggy, Foodpanda, etc. are just aggregators with little or no control of what the Individual Eateries serve 6.Deliveries are mostly delayed 7.Basic accompaniments like sauces, seasonings like oregano/chillies/sauces, tissues, etc. supplied when you order from the eateries directly, are missing if ordered through these sites and apps 8.Many restaurants listed are not even certified by FSSAI, local food department 9.Regular issues with payments occur many times with most of the apps 10.Once you sign up on these apps/sites, you invariably end up receiving many unsolicited sms and marketing calls. 11.Sometimes, the order is not serviced directly from the restaurant one chooses. It is from an unidentified restaurant or fake restaurant. The packaging seems to be of the restaurant. 12.Many times, customers do not receive a detailed bill with GST 13.The prices on these apps is also sometimes higher than in the restaurant menu 14.Some apps do not show the actual pictures of the restaurant.

Something must be done to reduce price of vaccines in India. May I request those who are from medical or vaccine trade field, industry to shed light on why is it that the prices of many vaccines so high in India. What is the real cost of such vaccines? How much does it cost the company who makes it abroad or in India vs what we consumers pay in a hospital or private doctor clinic?

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